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Indigo Floral Dinnerware

I have been wanting to share this news with you forever!!!! I have two new dinnerware collections with Lenox and they are now available at Macys! I know they are on now and if they aren’t in the stores yet, they will be soon! They are a Macy’s exclusive! So, they will be easy to find.

Indigo Floral Dinnerware by Stephanie Ryan for Lenox

Indigo Floral


Indigo Floral Dinnerware

Indigo Floral Stripe

Indigo Floral Dinnerware by Stephanie Ryan for Lenox

Indigo Floral Stripe

I can’t wait to share more images with you. I am so happy with the way they turned out. I think it really captures the essence of my work and style and they are in my favorite colors!!! The process for this collection was filled with ease and flow and happened pretty quickly. I love when that happens! Sometimes projects can be so painful and the end result reflects that energy but this was not the case. I love working with my friends at Lenox  and am thrilled to be at Macy’s!

I will continue to update you on these collections! If you see them in stores or buy them, I’d love to see pictures! Show me how you style them in your homes! ( I myself love using them on my coffee table in front of the tv, lol. )


January 16, 2016

Original Art for Sale!

Original Art for SaleI’m having a sale over in my shop! I am having a lot of fun painting these 5″x 7″ pieces that I wanted to share the originals with you! This is just a sampling, head over to my shop to see them all!

Stephanie Ryan

I have been on a crazy journey the last couple of years. I took an already successful brand/look and turned it inside out in an effort to connect with my art more. I loved my old style of painting but wasn’t connecting with it the way I wanted to. I wanted my art to resonate with me on a deep soul level. I wanted to look at it and see myself in the brush strokes, subject matter, colors and mood. I decided that if I really wanted to do this I had to 100% surrender to the process, clear my mind of any judgments, worry and fear and just let go. I started journaling, collecting images, making lists of words and creating art in many different styles and subject matter. I tried acrylic, gouache, mixed media and played with spiritual subject matter, iconography and symbols. I struggled, doubted myself, gave up a few times, cried, prayed, meditated and kept pushing forward. It wasn’t an easy journey because I kept wondering if I was doing the right thing. I had created a beautifully branded style that was working, why did I have this calling to change? I am so glad that I listened to that calling and put all of that fear aside. I feel like a completely different person these days. Not only did I find my true art and style but it has changed me in so many ways. It’s like I have finally found a true home within myself. I am one step closer to becoming whole and comfortable in my body. It’s an amazing feeling to look at my art and say, I love that! That didn’t happen before this process. I would look at my art and say “well, it’s nice, but it’s just not right.” Ugh, what a horrible feeling. I am free now.

Do you connect with your art on a soul level or do you feel like something isn’t right but you can’t quite figure it out? Would you be willing to let go and surrender to the process of finding your true self?

I’m thinking about putting together an e-course to share the techniques that I used to create my new style and brand. It’s not just about art, it’s about the process of soul searching and going inward.

If this sounds interesting to you, leave me a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and the struggles you have when connecting with your art. When I say art, I mean all creative mediums. This applies to artists, photographers, writers, makers, designers, and DIY’ers. We all have a story to tell and our souls to share.

What do you think?

November 23, 2015

Silent Contemplation

Stephanie Ryan

The holiday craziness is approaching and I find myself wanting to retreat inward even more these days. How do you handle the stress of the holidays, or regular days for that matter!? I know I have a unique situation here being on my own with no kids. It makes it easier to find quiet time…lol, there is actually only quiet around here. All joking aside, the older I get the more quiet and down time I need. I think it is so important in order to balance the stress and hard challenges we face everyday. What is my point? I want you to think about your days, do you set aside any time for yourself? Even something as simple as sitting by yourself with a cup of coffee in the morning instead of trying to slurp it down while the kids are running around or drinking it in the car on your way to work. Setting aside a couple of minutes a day to clear your mind (don’t obsess about all of the thing you have to do) will quietly replenish your soul and make it easier to handle your day. The funny thing is the more time you make for yourself and the quiet, the more you will find yourself wanting more of it. It is your soul calling you home. Take a minute and try to listen to what it is trying to say to you.

November 21, 2015

Sale Time

Moon Holiday Sale

I’m having a sale on all of my prints! Head on over to the shop and save!

November 19, 2015

Art Brand Stories

Please join me at my business mentor, Betsy Cordes of February 13 Creative’s blog for an interview!

Stephanie Ryan Art Brand Stories

When I met Stephanie Ryan earlier this year, she was at a big turning point in her career. Already a successful licensing artist—known and loved for her upbeat and colorful watercolors, many bearing inspirational messages—she’d been working quietly on a new collection of work with a very different mood. She also had a strong relationship with a licensing agency. She wanted to continue working with her agent to promote her existing brand, while taking charge of promoting the newer art herself. 

So Stephanie set out to differentiate the new work even more, creating a standalone brand that she could represent herself without causing confusion for her existing brand. Rather than trying to license this new work immediately, Stephanie is focused on creating a small collection of home goods and stationery, which she’ll produce and market herself.

Enjoy Stephanie’s art brand story!


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