Stephanie Ryan - Small Sweet Steps

March 23, 2015

Let’s talk about fear.

 Fear presents itself in so many ways. Sometimes, it is insidious and you don’t even know that you are being infected by it. This happened to me last week after my work was featured on Design*Sponge’s Instagram feed. I was avoiding painting and once I did force myself to pick up the brush the getting started part was excruciating! Then, I totally over analyzed the painting and wasn’t going to share it. It was ridiculous. Once I realized what was going on; that fear came for a visit and planted itself on top of my heart, I knew what I had to do! I just sucked it the hell up, that’s what I did. Lol, I know it is important to be kind to yourself and be loving with our self-talk but, sometimes you need to be harsh and firm. “What the hell are you doing, Stephanie? You pick up your phone right now and share your new art!” At the end of the day, none of it really matters. It doesn’t matter if people liked it or not! What does matter and what is the most important lesson to be learned is that the act of putting it out there and sharing is where our accomplishments lie. I remember when I first started sharing my work online, I had one rule. Share it all! Share what you think is good and what you don’t like because you never know what is going to resonate with the person viewing it. Well, this little round with fear reminded me of my rule and I’m glad it did.  Are you thinking, oh, Stephanie you are crazy, we love all that you do! Nope, I’m not crazy… fear is fear and it happens to all of us.

I think I have a lot of fear hidden within me these days. I have been procrastinating putting my house back on the market, I have been avoiding putting together collections of my new art for Surtex and I keep putting off producing my own fabric and pillow collections. Funny thing is that I didn’t realize that fear was my reason for procrastinating. Well, now I know! Time to have another “talk” with myself, lol.

How does fear affect you? In what ways does it keep you from following your dreams?

Another busy week on Instagram! I have been painting a lot in bed, which is funny, I know. I just seem to paint the best there! Ugh, why can’t I be normal, lol. Anyway, I am feeling really good about my direction these days. I am especially liking the variety of florals, landscapes and abstract art coming through.  The only thing I worry about, is it cohesive? Do they live together nicely? I hope you enjoy my Instagram review!

Last week was the first time I ran this new series and when I went to post about it again this week, I was a little overwhelmed by it. I didn’t realize how much I post on Instagram and this week was a very busy week over there! So, I decided to try something different this week.  I am just going to show little images and highlights of the week. So, it’s more like a snapshot of my life on Instagram. Let’s see how it goes!

This pattern was featured on Design*Sponge’s Instagram feed!!! Words can not describe how fun this was for me!!! Thank you so much Grace for choosing my art! I feel like I am taking a huge risk by changing up my work because of my successful licensing program but, this confirms that I am on the right path! Following your heart and intuition is so important, even if I crash and burn I will feel so grounded and happy in my decision to listen and act on what my intuition has been telling me. ……deep breath in….release…. yes, it feels good!

It was a busy week, wasn’t it!?  I love how all of these feel together. It is a mix of florals, photography, landscapes, abstracts and some fun quick intuitive paintings. The intuitive painting were done in the middle of the night one night when I couldn’t sleep. They were quick and quite freeing and I love how they turned out! I think the purple one is my favorite. I took a close up detail shot of my favorite part. That one is tiny, just 5 x 7. I also had fun with the 8 pointed star and little mini squares! I think I need to keep going with this idea.

If you would like to see my life on Instagram, come on over and follow me! I have some giveaways planned!!!

Sweet friend, thank you so much for spending time with me.


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