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Small Sweet Steps

January 28, 2015

What’s New!?

     Stephanie Ryan

 Yes, I know… where have I been? Well, I’ve been here working behind the scenes, making new art and doing some hard soul searching.

I have been thinking a lot about my work this past year and have decided to follow my heart and create art that is more aligned to my true center, to who I really am. It’s a work in progress and I’m not going to bore you with all the heart wrenching details of why I was feeling disconnected from my art and feeling lost with my business and brand. Like I said, it’s a work in progress and I am refining and experimenting as I go. I just thought it was time to start sharing again here on my blog instead of waiting for everything to be perfect because I have finally learned that it is never perfect, right!? I’m not making huge changes, just toning things down a bit and adding back in some details that got lost along the way. Well, we can talk more about this as I continue to post new art.

As a way to kick things off, I am offering a new fine art print for purchase in my shop and on Etsy. They are printed on beautiful watercolor paper and look just like an original painting. The prints above are sold as a set, what do you think?

Stephanie Ryan

I have been having fun adding details to my flowers. I am trying to find the sweet spot between painting loosely and more refined. It can be tricky!

Stephanie Ryan

Years ago I worked for a company where I worked with my hands crafting, stitching, dying fabrics and creating handmade dolls. I also directed artisans to knit and crochet beautiful sweaters, pillows and throws for the dolls and additional products that we offered. I loved that part of my job and have always wanted to incorporate that into my business. So, I have been teaching myself to crochet! I don’t have plans of selling any of my creations but, thought it would add some dimension and added flavor to the world I am trying to create here. Plus, I just love buying yarn!!! These colors make me so happy.

Stephanie Ryan

Creating a brand that really speaks about who you are is a challenging task. And as an artist, I am many things!!! I am a painter, a crafter, a pattern and fabric designer, a photographer and writer. Most artists are!  I want to tell a story with all of these things, a story of who I am at my core. As I create new art, I keep making little mood boards like this. Does it all go together, does it convey a certain feeling or tone, does it feel like me. If it doesn’t, I set it aside which is really, really hard for me. I love to share everything!

Stephanie Ryan

And of course, I have to share a picture of my baby. Luna is thriving in her new home, she is such a sweetie! Seriously, look at that face. She definitely has helped me get over the quiet of living alone. The house feels happy these days, we are doing really well and are excited about our future!

Lastly, I hope that you stick with me. I know I haven’t shown up much this past year and I know that I am taking a risk with changing things up but, I truly believe that magical things can happen when you follow your heart. That is my plan, I’m back and I am feeling stronger these days…. ahhhh it feels good.


November 28, 2014


I am having a Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale!
You can order at my online store or on Etsy!
My online store has exclusive Original Art and Jewelry for sale.



November 4, 2014

Magic Wings


I am still here my friends, listening, digging deep, getting to know my heart and what makes it resonate with life. I feel my spirit starting to wake up with the crispness of the fall air and the bare tree limbs welcoming me home. I will be riding the winds of change to you here in this sweet space soon. hugs.

Thank you everyone for leaving your lovely LOVE comments!!! What a powerful thing LOVE is, don’t you agree? I LOVED reading about your LOVES so, thanks for spreading the LOVE. Ok, have I said LOVE enough : )

First, I would like to share a sneak peek of my new True Luck Fabric Collection for Moda with you! Be sure to let your local quilt store know that they should be on the look out for it at Quilt Market! I can’t wait to start sewing with it! I love the colors!

 and the winners of my Fleurologie fabric treats are….

Jelly Roll Winner:

Sandra- I LOVE my 6-year old grandson who is visiting me here, having flown 2000 miles today with his mom, my daughter, for 8 love and fun-filled days!!

Jelly Roll Winner:

Dana Cargill- I love color and love playing with the way colors work together & how you can change the look of one fabric by putting it with another.

Charm Pack:

Alicia Czuzak- I love fabric, quilting and my amazing family! Oh, and pizza. Thank you!

Charm Pack:

Katrina- I love my family. :) And holidays, and it’s almost Holiday Season! yay!!

Charm Pack:

Michelle Fetter- I love the rain on the roof in the early morning and the flowers that glisten in the morning with their rain kisses petals.

Mini Charm Pack:

Amy DeCesare- I love autumn in Pennsylvania – football games, pumpkin patches, apples, and of course quilts!

I will be contacting each of the winners via email to get your mailing addresses!


Thanks again everyone for all of the LOVE and happy sewing!

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Moda LOVE Blog Tour and Giveaway! I am always so happy and honored to be a part of the Moda family and am thrilled to join in today. This blog tour is all about LOVE!

Here is my version of The Moda LOVE Quilt made with my Fleurologie Fabric. You can download it for free here.

We were asked to answer a few questions so here I go!

When did you fall in LOVE with quilting and textiles?

I first fell in LOVE with textiles back in the early 90’s. I worked for a doll company, Little Souls, Inc. I was a dollmaker and later was a buyer so, I had fun sourcing and playing with fabrics, and notions all day long! When I left Little Souls, I went back to college and took some textile design classes and learned all about repeats, needless to say, I was hooked. My LOVE for quilting came later when I started designing my own fabric for Moda. I don’t get to create as much as I’d like to but, I am such a fan of the art of piecing and quilting. What an amazing world, the possibilities are endless.

What fuels you to create?

As an artist, I can’t help myself.  There is this undying desire within me to create art in all of it’s forms and share it. It is like breathing to me. Occasionally, a soda is necessary though! Luckily, I recently purchased a Soda Stream and can now make healthy carbonated drinks! Yay! Seriously…

What is the best part of your design process?

I LOVE working with and exploring color. I am always amazed by it’s power.

What color do you LOVE?

I LOVE Aqua, chartreuse, coral, gray, pink, indigo, ultramarine blue, yellow…. yeah, I can’t pick a favorite, absolutely impossible.

Now onto the really fun part! The giveaway!!!!

I have some Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, and Mini Charm packs to give away! So fun!

Leave me a comment about something you love and you will be entered to win!

It’s that easy!

If you would like to know what I’m up to, follow me on Instagram!

I can be found @ Stephanieryands

It is my favorite way to connect with my friends and have conversations.

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September 2, 2014

Can’t Catch the Swing

Well, it’s official! The summer season has come to an end. It was an interesting summer for me. I am still getting used to life on my own and since I tend to hibernate during the summer I had a lot of one on one time with myself! This is a good and bad thing. In my previous post I shared that I was planning on taking it easy for the first time in like forever and I did it. I can’t believe that I did, it wasn’t always easy, I beat myself up a bit but got over it quickly, lol. The time alone was really nice, I have been re-evaluating my life and trying to figure some things out, I don’t have any answers yet but, I feel good and am starting to move forward gently. The down side of alone time for me is that I think way too much and drive myself crazy. Re-evaluating things and digging deeper is great but, when you start to get lost in the details and cause yourself anxiety over things then it takes an unhealthy turn. Needless to say, this did happen to me and I actually learned quite a bit about myself. Another good thing about being on your own is that things get a lot clearer when they are affected by other peoples energy. I find myself questioning some things about my work life as well. I am looking at where I am at at this point with my business and if I am happy. It is really hard working by yourself and running a creative business. Some days, I just want someone to tell me what to do, tell me what they think is working and not working. It is so hard to figure it all out on my own, and like I said earlier, I tend to over think everything and drive myself crazy. I don’t have any answers at this point, just questions. So, here I am. lol. I am a little lost and trying to get back in the swing of things and am having a hard time catching the swing! I feel like I am starting over, trying to rebuild my life and my business to unfold in the shape of my new life and at this point, I have no idea what that looks like.  It will be interesting to see where things go.

I did find time to play with some new art this summer. Here are a few explorations.

I will be a part of the Moda Fabrics Blog Hop tomorrow! Stop back and check it out. There will be a giveaway!


Sweet friend, thank you so much for spending time with me.


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